Lifetime Friendship

Although Friendship is something on which I can keep on writing but wouldn’t stop but it is such that the words fall short even if pages are written on it.Friendship to me is one of the most beautiful bonds. Siblings are what you get and friends are what you make. Sometimes you choose and sometimes over the years of being together you eventually become friends. … Continue reading Lifetime Friendship


With time do dreams fade away?

Are we all living the life we dreamt of? Definitely,not. But how do we get separated from our dreams? The answer is simple,when competition becomes our priority, when living becomes more important, when the child inside us dies and so on.We all had dreamt of becoming something but with the passing time that dream faded away while growing up the reasons can be societal pressure, … Continue reading With time do dreams fade away?

The World After Corona

First things first, will the world be same or changed?This quarantine has definitely made us learn some lessons that we otherwise wouldn’t have learnt. Probably when we’ll be free , people will have new set of priorities, this quarantine has made us spend the max time of our lifetime with our family and has actually made us realize that they are really good people to … Continue reading The World After Corona

Southern Express

Idli vada sambhar and chutney, a typical breakfast in south. I like to eat and love diversity of food. David Soul A quick trivia: Idli and mendu vada are traditional south indian delicacy. The origin of idli dates back to 920 CE. One of the healthiest breakfast in the world. In 2015,Chennai-based Idli caterer Eniyavan started celebrating March 30 as the “World Idli Day”. Mendu … Continue reading Southern Express

Beat the heat with mint leaves and raw mango

Elements of summer Summer has arrived and the heat wave is on. To escape summer heat the two best elements are mint (phudina) and kacha aam(raw mango) . Both of them are very soothing for body as well as refreshing. To use them to the fullest, here are some tips:- √ Make phudina aam sharbat, it will prevent loo(the heat waves in India). After drinking … Continue reading Beat the heat with mint leaves and raw mango